Anais Mathez

“I am passionate about learning how to live, work and grow with people, and how to build lasting relationships that are resilient in the face of uncertainty.”

smithrockAnaïs Mathez is an Senior Planner at Cogan Owens Greene, LLC, where she combines her data-crunching prowess with her interest in collaborative processes to create accessible reports and community-driven plans.  Her research, data analysis, and project management skills are a valuable part of COG’s work to create and sustain livable communities throughout the region.

A current Masters in Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) candidate at Portland State University, Anaïs was driven to COG’s cohesive and nimble structure, which allows her the opportunity to create accessible messages based on community needs. Before joining COG, she used her understanding of technical methodology and soft skills to convey information in an accessible way in various projects. Anaïs played a critical role in the unification of the Park(ing) day event in Montreal. Due in large part to her efforts, the annual day of tactical urbanism successfully mobilized over 30 community groups, city officials and transportation authorities to transform nearly 50 parking spots into temporary public plazas that celebrate shared street space.

svconcordiaAnaïs’ interest in planning, sustainability and transportation was sparked during an early experience as a sail-trainee and crew member aboard a traditional, 188-ft square-rigged sailboat. The experience was a challenging lifestyle, but brought her to nearly thirty countries around the world, logging over 23,000 nautical miles over the course of a year. Navigating through countless cities and communities across vastly divergent continents, she experienced opportunities for cultural engagement and community service along the way. Through this, she grew passionate about learning how to live, work and grow with people, and how to build lasting relationships that are resilient in the face of mistakes or uncertainty. When Anaïs settled down in other places, she found that the enhanced curiosity she held for her surroundings rendered her more cognizant of the interconnections between various forces that shape places and quality of life.

Anaïs has a love for animals, and has been working with horses since she was a child. Her favorite part of riding is when she’s able to get outdoors on horseback. Before moving to Portland, she worked on a horse ranch leading packing trips in the Peruvian Andes, and dreams of the day that her transportation choices for commuting to work are either by bike, TriMet or horseback.

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