As Oregon Considers Updated Rules for Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies from the Land Use and Transportation Sector, What Can We Learn from Other States?

As Oregon considers updated rules on Metropolitan Planning Organizations to reduce greenhouse gasses in Oregon, researchers from the University of Oregon present their research on four state’s efforts to reduce GHG emissions. UO researchers  Innovative growth management and/or greenhouse gas reduction legislation. They looked at four states with innovative climate change and/or growth management initiatives: California, Maryland, Oregon and Washington. Have a listen!


For more information on Oregon’s rulemaking process, please see LCDC’s Rulemaking website here. Public comment is due in January, 2017. Richard Ross (primary) and Kirstin Greene (alternate) represent the Oregon Chapter of the American Planning Association (OAPA) on the committee.  COG’s Steve Faust, Chair of the Citizens Involvement Advisory Committee is participating from his perspective on the CIAC on the committee.

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