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Major Award for Smart Eco-City Plan in Langfang, China.

COC and other team members created an award-wining first bio-based city plan in Langfang, China.  The precedent-setting Smart Eco-City Master Plan was awarded the American Institute of Architects Hong Kong Merit Prize Award for urban planning and design on October 20, 2010 in Hong Kong.  This is one of the highest prizes awarded in Asia for urban design and the only one awarded by Hong Kong AIA in 2010.  Cogan Owens Cogan, LLC, worked as a subcontractor to the Project Leader, Carolina Woo of CW Group in San Francisco. COC also supported HOK Asia (Hong Kong), the prime contractor.  COC Senior Project Manager, Bob Wise,  played a major role in developing the vision, goals, public policy guidelines and key performance indicators for the entire plan.  Biomimicry, the Natural Step, Triple Bottom Line, the Living Community Challenge, United Nations Urban Environmental Accords and ecological design concepts are integrated into a harmonious whole.  The plan addresses urban design, high speed rail, light rail and street car systems, green infrastructure, organic food production, ecosystem restoration, green building, livable walkable neighborhoods, emblematic parks and places and a complete regional water reuse cycle.

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