Anaïs Mathez

Since stepping into the Cogan Owens Greene family right after graduate school, I’ve spent three fulfilling years at COG. Armed with invaluable professional learning experiences and the exceptional mentorship I’ve received here, I’m excited to move onwards into this new chapter. I’ve been continually inspired by Kirstin, Steve, Jim and Bob for all the incredible work they do in communities across Oregon, Washington, and beyond. I’ve learned what good work – both in content and execution – looks and feels like. I am so proud to have been part of an organization that keeps me engaged in bigger conversations around complex issues, and pushes the envelope around meaningful community engagement and progressive public policy.

One of my most significant accomplishments is seeing the Sherwood West Preliminary Concept Plan through to completion. The plan was one of Metro’s first preliminary concept plans within the Urban Growth Boundary, and it entailed a study of 1,291 acres of Urban Reserves. Careful project management and significant outreach resulted in the successful adoption of a plan to help the City meet the needs of its residents in terms of housing, schools, transportation options and access to nature.

I also take enormous pride in the recent adoption of the 2040 Milwaukie Vision and Action Plan. Building upon extensive community engagement, the Plan provides the City with a roadmap for developing complete communities that are environmentally resilient, promote tolerance and inclusion while eliminating disparities, and support complete sustainability for future generations. I’m personally proud of the Youth Vision Action Team, hired from Milwaukie High School, which worked hard to extend outreach to Milwaukie’s small businesses, youth, and Spanish-speaking communities. It was exciting to support a group of kids and fold them into a large public process for which they had a significant contribution towards. The Plan has set the stage for updating the City’s Comprehensive Plan and developing the City’s first Climate Action Strategy.

With experiences like these, I am excited to jump onboard at 3J Consulting for my next chapter. I look forward to expanding my relationships, diversifying the ways in which I approach and tackle problems, and settling into a new environment vested in land use planning and implementation. Building off the incredible professional foundation that has been laid for me at COG, I’m excited to mature into my role in the planning community in Portland and continue learning from those around me.

As of September 25, 2017, I can be reached at (503) 946-9365 x227 or as of September 25.

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