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The City of Oregon City retained COG to prepare a concept plan for a 611-acre area known as South End.  Residents of South End live there, in part, because of its rural character. Many residents have no desire to see their community grow and change into an urban neighborhood.

Successful, meaningful and productive public involvement was a cornerstone of the Plan. We conducted extensive community outreach to foster a long-term relationship between the City and South End residents and property owners and ensure the plan reflected their core values.  Through an innovative workshop, more than 100 community members used maps and game pieces to create their vision for the future of South End, determining the location of various types of housing, parks, trails and shops.  We used the 18 community-designed maps that resulted to create several land use alternatives and the eventual concept plan map.

Elements of the South End Concept Plan include SECP marking mapshousing, transportation, natural resources, public facilities and services, parks and trails, police and fire protection, schools and financing.  Although many residents do not want new development in their South End neighborhood, they understood the value of planning and supported the ultimate plan.  The South End Concept Plan met the requirements established by Title 11 of Metro’s Functional Plan and was adopted by Oregon City’s City Commission.

“I rather enjoyed working with both [Steve] and Pete.  I tried to keep my testimony neutral in that respect so as not to appear slanted in any way because I just genuinely like and respect you both!  I thought you did a great job as well throughout the process, especially in the “patience and management” of all those personalities!!  That takes some talent.”

— Rachel, Community Advisory Team member

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