Elaine Cogan

As I look back on my 40 years of a professional career, I am most grateful for the many colleagues and clients who share the same vision and values: doing what we can to make this world, or at least our part of it, a better place. It is not always easy and when the rewards come, they are special, indeed.

After managing the innovative Complete Communities of Clackamas County multi-year project, it was an honor to receive recognition from the National Planning Association and the National Association of County Planning Officials as well as the Ash Institute of the Kennedy Center. The results of that far-reaching project are still being enjoyed in the County to this day.

Examples include strategic planning and visions for Metro 2040; the cities of Beaverton, Keizer, Portland, Medford and Stevenson, Washington; Oregon Symphony, Mount Tabor Park, Marylhurst University, Lewis and Clark College; and the renovation of the Sellwood Bridge. There are far projects too many to remunerate. It was rewarding to have spent the sometimes arduous hours designing and facilitating processes that help citizens realize their goals while respecting and honoring differences.

In addition to my ongoing training in oral and written communications, I am pleased that my three books, Successful Public Meetings; How to Thrive and Survive as a Planning Commissioner; and How to Talk to (Almost) Anyone about (Almost) Anything reach audiences with whom I cannot contact personally.

Moving on to Cogan & Associates, the firm with whom I first began with my husband and partner, Arnold Cogan, I look forward to further adventures. Please keep in touch after September 25: elaine.cogan@coganassociates.com; 503-232-5398.

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