Kirstin Greene


Working from my perch at Cogan Owens Greene for 22 years has been an important professional journey. Having taken on the role of Managing Principal at the depth of the recession, I am satisfied to have completed the task of helping shepherd the organization to fiscal stability and health. Now, it is time to transition to my next professional step as a Senior Associate at EnviroIssues.

While I will miss my colleagues at Cogan Owens Greene a great deal, I am very much looking forward to working with a new set of professional allies at EnviroIssues, including Anne Presentin, Alex Cousins, Diane Adams and my COG colleague Mari Valencia. I am grateful for this next opportunity and hope you will stay in touch with us.

In my tenure at Cogan Owens Greene, I am proud to have been able to work with masters of comprehensive planning and public process Elaine and Arnold Cogan, as well as Steve Faust, Jim Owens, Bob Wise, Anais Mathez, Erin Atkinson, Alisha Morton, Elise Scolnick, Mari Valencia, Therese McLain, Harben Lachica, Sean Edging, the MultiCultural Collaborative and many prized team members and clients. I was able to come to work every day on the balls of my feet fueled by the inspiration, love and commitment community members’ fee for the places they live. Their love is inspiring beyond imagination, deep and unyielding. Recognizing that passion, I know that so many great things are possible for Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. As so well said by my stepfather recently, the heart of it all is empathy.

A few notable accomplishments at Cogan Owens Greene I hope will continue to serve Oregon communities well:

  • Oregon’s greenhouse reduction strategy from the l and use and transportation sector (Oregon Sustainable Transportation Initiative, ODOT)
  • Tsunami Guide for Oregon’s communities, Department of Land Conservation and Development
  • Complete Communities for Clackamas County
  • Great Communities, Metro. This work led to Oregon Metro’s urban and rural reserve statute.
  • Metro Climate Smart Communities
  • Corvallis Sustainability Coalition Action Plan
  • Tulalip Tribes Lower Quilceda Neighborhood Vision Plan
  • Bi-state Formation of the Pacific Northwest Advanced Manufacturing Partnership
  • Powell-Division Transit and Development Plan diverse community engagement
  • Milwaukie Community Vision and Action Plan
  • Powell-Division Transit and Development Plan diverse community engagement
  • Harmony Community Campus Master Plan
  • Roadmap to 2020 for the Oregon Global Warming Commission
  • Nelscott Gap Neighborhood Plan, Lincoln City

…and many more!

After September 25, you can reach me continuing this work at EnviroIssues at and by phone at (503) 349-0045. Please stay in touch!

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