Mari Valencia

In my time with COG, though a little shy of a year, has been one of the most beautiful learning experiences – both personally and professionally, that I have had the privilege of enduring. This small but mighty group of bright and passionate individuals whom I’ve had the pleasure of calling my colleagues and friends this past year are the root to my learning. Their everyday commitment and dedication to the communities they serve was beyond inspirational. So glad they gave an Iowa girl a chance, phew! Now, although we will all be transitioning to new areas I know we will forever be a family. I am also beyond excited for the new learnings and opportunities that await for me with EnviroIssues!

This past year I had the privilege of working on some really amazing projects including working in one of the most diverse corridors in the City of Portland – 82nd Avenue. Through a partnership with City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability and the Oregon Department of Transportation I was able to engage many community members, leaders, and stakeholders to collaboratively work to improve livability and safety for the area. In addition, I was able to support an important project for the Fair Housing Council of Oregon. Each week, I focused on reviewing Comprehensive Plan amendments for potential Fair Housing and State land use violations. This work involved tracking all land use proposals at the state level for rural and urban communities throughout Oregon, requesting and assessing staff reports, and making recommendations to a board of very experienced land use lawyers in the state of Oregon. Very detailed work indeed!

The work that I have done at COG has continually reaffirmed my passions for land use planning, housing, and equity. I am glad to have worked with passionate practitioners like Kirstin and Steve and humbled for the mentorship throughout the way. As I look to the future, I look forward to expanding my knowledge in the planning field and with much certainty will bring the passion, dedication, and fuel that I learned by my COG team. I will be continuing this work at EnviroIssues while also continuing my education in the PSU Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning program. I can be reached through email, and/or by cell at (515) 447-5778.

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