Regional Sediment – continued

Through an Oregon Solutions project, COG has been serving as project manager for over five years to develop and implement a bi-state Regional Sediment Management Plan (RSMP) for management of dredged materials by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at the mouth of the Columbia River (MCR), with the goal to utilize new nearshore or on-shore beneficial use disposal sites in Oregon and Washington.

MCR Proposed Reg Sediment Mgmt Plan cover rev6The RSMP has been completed and COG is currently managing its implementation, including staffing of policy and technical groups to advise on research and monitoring and adaptive management programs. The new beneficial use sites identified in the RSMP are intended to restore sediment in the littoral zone and help protect nearshore fishery habitats, coastal beaches and the Columbia River jetties from erosion. The sites will provide sustainable long-term alternatives to deep water disposal of sediment and will be adaptively managed to avoid and minimize adverse environmental, resource and safety effects. This project builds on prior work by COG for Oregon Solutions and LCSG on the SW Washington Littoral Drift and Columbia Nearshore Beneficial Use projects.

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