Sean Edging

Getting ready to canvas for PGE

My time with COG has been very short in the scheme of things, but it’s been one of the best working environments I have ever participated in. I was brought on for the summer when Mari suggested I do graphics work for the firm. In the time that I have worked here, I feel privileged to have worked with and observed the passions and working styles of Kirstin and Steve.

My contributions have been modest, but I feel that they have expanded my knowledge of digital formatting and design significantly as well as my understanding of planning practices, especially in the realm of private contracting. I feel that formatting documents such as the Nelscott Gap Neighborhood Plan have significantly improved my graphics and communications abilities as a planner.

I’ve enjoyed attending preliminary advisory committee meetings for the Southwest Equitable Development Strategy, a joint effort of Metro and the Cities of Portland and Tigard to mitigate displacement impacts of the proposed light rail route through the southwest corridor. Additionally, I’ve enjoyed coordinating canvassing efforts on behalf of Portland General Electric for the Marquam Project Improvements.

I will be continuing my education at Portland State University the coming fall in pursuit of my Masters in Urban and Regional Planning. I can be reached through email, or by cell, 702-338-4171.

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