Nelscott Gap: Engagement in Changing Communities

Cogan Owens Greene (COG) is an urban planning firm that is located in downtown Portland, OR. It is here that our team analyzes changes to population, coordinates with leaders of the community, and ensures that voices are heard.

To understand the importance of the work we do at COG, one needs to understand where and how we live. Every day we are at home, take a route to work, take children to school, or visit parks. These are the urban activities. The construction of a road, the redesign of a park with a soccer field, the improvement of pedestrian walkways are examples of projects representing urban planning.

The diversity of communities is present in some cities of the State of Oregon, with immigrant communities around the world. That is why it is important that Latinos / Hispanics participate in the planning process. For example, would you prefer a dog park or a soccer field? The preference for Latin community may be a soccer field, or perhaps both. The cities of Oregon want to hear what you have to say.

More recently, we had the privilege to work in Lincoln City, OR. This city on the coast is very special because the city is 22% Latino / Hispanic. The City of Lincoln hired COG to help plan the development of the Nelscott area, which in recent months has held community engagement events.

La Roca 1

We had an event at the restaurant La Roca (photo), where we get to talk residents, hear the needs and preferences of residents to develop Nelscott area.

La Roca 2

If you have questions or need information about a project, please contact our bilingual representative Alfredo Gonzalez (

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