Policy Development

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Policy development is at the heart of community and organizational governance.  Policy is the guidance system that determines the purposes of projects, programs, budgets, and operations.  At Cogan Owens Greene, we help our clients design and implement the processes that result in innovative and widely-supported policy.  We engage people to create policies that are fair, balanced, and have multiple benefits for our clients and their communities, polices that stand the test of time.

We help clients launch streamlined or complex processes to produce workable policy changes with tangible benefits. Our approach to policy development encompasses several steps Metro Infrastructure Report coverdepending on client needs including: assessing legal requirements, assessing existing policies, researching best practices, engaging and informing stakeholders, designing and managing effective meetings to develop consensus, drafting agreements to implement policies, developing benchmarks, and developing handbooks and other forms of policy guidance.

We focus intensely on getting positive results – developing widely supported and implementable policies that create tangible benefits.





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